For International Students

To get to Amsterdam:

If you fly to Amsterdam, you can either fly to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, but there are also flights to Eindhoven and Rotterdam. From those airports it takes only one hour by direct train to Amsterdam Central Station.


You can select an accommodation around the Roeterseiland University Campus area or Artis Zoo. Or you can select hotels in the areas along the lines of tram 1, 7, 14, 19 or metro 51, 53, 54.

We are also in contact with different hotels in Amsterdam through which we can offer discounts for participating students of the Amsterdam MBA Challenge. If you are interested, please contact us at

Go Dutch and come by bike to the Amsterdam MBA Challenge

If you really want to experience the Dutch culture to its fullest, come to the Amsterdam MBA Challenge by bike! Bikes can be rented by many shops in the center and close to the Amsterdam Business School. Or you can check with the hotel you are staying at. Prices vary from 3 EUR to 15 EUR a day. It is a very cool way of transporting yourself through Amsterdam and a unique way of getting to know the city.

Don’t worry, we have a parking garage specially made for bikes at the Amsterdam Business School!

King’s Day

Directly the evening after the event (the evening of the 26th of April), many Amsterdammers hit the streets. The evening embarks the start of King’s Day celebrations.  You will not need to buy any tickets, but just walk through the city and breath in the awesome experience of King’s Night!

The day after is the King’s Day and again a unique experience. You will see thousands of people walking in orange partying on the streets. So wear something orange to blend in with the locals!