2018 Speakers

Gorjan Jovanovski

The Data I Breath

Did you know that Macedonia has air pollution 20 times over the EU limit? As the developer of the popular MojVozduh air quality app, Gorjan fights side by side with more than 3000 activists in Macedonia, raising awareness about environment and pollution issues that his country faces. He was featured on the NASA blog about how open data can improve people's lives. He will share a bit of his story showcasing the power of data, something he applies either as an activist or at his job as a Team Lead at Booking.com, helping thousands of travelers daily. Read more at

Growth Tribe - David Arnoux

David runs Growth Tribe, a young 25-person company that teaches startups and corporates the skills, tools and tactics of rapid experimentation. His hobbies include building prediction models and running 5-second tests. He also has a Youtube channel called “Growth Tribe”... come subscribe.

A.I. for Marketing & Growth - Power Session

Growth Tribe has spent the last year teaching non-coders to use machine learning for marketing and growth. In this workshop we’ll test your skills, show you real-life and already in place applications of A.I. in the world of marketing and growth, as well as show you that even you can learn how to leverage this new competitive advantage.
A.I. is no longer something reserved for extensively qualified data scientists. The world of marketing and growth has already begun to be influenced by machine learning and artificial intelligence, with the companies who want to stay ahead taking advantage of this new competitive advantage.
In this workshop, we’ll test your skills, expose you to the real-life applications of A.I., as well as show you how you can learn to leverage it!

Amsterdam Business School - MBA Director Sebastian Kortmann

Director of the Amsterdam MBA, Associate Professir of Strategy and Innovation, Co-founder & Managing Director of ThinkPals.

Chasm Group - Strategy by Peter van der Fluit

Chasm Group is a team of seasoned technology professionals who specialize in helping technology-based companies achieve market-leading positions in both emerging and established markets. Disruptive technologies can prosper and thrive when combined with equally innovative thinking to establish and sustain market leadership. The company is in service to and passionate about that challenge.

Peter van der Fluit, Market Strategist and Executive with extensive global operational experience in developing market strategies, alliance management, sales management, b2b marketing and business development in high technology and industrial industries (data, software, services, hardware). Worked with and for large multinationals (HP, GE), medium sized (TomTom) and smaller companies (Cordys, Matchcode). Currently serves as the European Principal for The Chasm Group, a Silicon Valley based advisory firm.

Tom Tom - Disruption and other changes

Mr. Pieter Geelen co-founded TomTom NV in 1991 and over the past 26 years served as Director of Software Development, Chief Technology Officer, and Director of User Experience. He has a comprehensive understanding of the different technologies that drive TomTom's navigation solutions, having invented several of them. He studied Computer Science at Amsterdam University, but aborted his Ph. D. research in Artificial Intelligence to co-found TomTom.

ACE venture lab Amsterdam - Disruptive Technologies

At ACE (Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship), we are passionate about innovative tech and science-based ideas. We help students, researchers, and alumni turning ideas into successful companies, by offering the best training & support, and providing access to an extensive network of mentors, entrepreneurs and business professionals.

CargoLedger - Blockchain in the Supply Chain

CargoLedger wants to digitally transform the supply chain using blockchain technology.
We envision a distributed system with immutable data, securely shared across the entire supply chain supported by timely and instant settlement.
The founders have a track record of innovation in the logistic, telecom and financial sectors.
Our team sees great opportunities in applying blockchain technology to the supply chain and related areas susceptive to improvement.

Ingenico - Payments in Omnichannel

Luc is Product Marketing Manager at Ingenico ePayments where he’s responsible and passionate about the product and GTM strategy of online payment products that focus on UX, Omni channel and Payment Capabilities. In addition to that he has more than 10 years’ experience in B2B marketing primarily in the media and publishing industry.

Aimforthemoon - Validating your idea

Moonshots help us to unite the people, technology, and resources to solve society’s most urgent challenges through entrepreneurship.
Moonshot require complex partnerships with complementary skills to innovate and scale impact.

Therefore, we empower corporates and entrepreneurs to make moonshots happen together from scratch. All resulting in purpose driven businesses that significantly improve millions of lives.

More coming soon